About Me

I'm Shön

I am a husband of 23 years, a father, and pilot. I live with my airplane in a rural town outside Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a stay at home family, and actively collaborate as a team in the education of our son. When I’m not working, I enjoy flying, scuba diving, and practicing my golf swing.

Air Yoga

Some stretch their bodies, I stretch my mind and spirit in the sky. I like to fly most mornings, it is my Yoga.

Boarding for Korea


I am the Chief Technology Officer at Red Rock Reef/Subnet. As a technologist, I would describe myself as objective-oriented. I apply technology to solve problems, eliminate barriers, overcome challenges. We begin with the objective, then within the context of time and available resources, develop actionable strategies to accomplish those goals. If I tell you I will do something, you can be sure that is what I will do.

My projects have included work for enterprise, commercial, institutional, and government interest. I only get involved in projects when and where I can make a difference.

A few of my projects here.