Most of my work is covered by confidentiality agreements and not appropriate for public disclosure. This page includes some examples I can discuss with potential clients.


Distribution Company

The IT Manager for a medium-sized enterprise distribution company wanted to modernize and improve the company's network, systems, and software. At the time of my engagement, the company had 8 locations (approx $33M/gross rev), eventually growing to 22 sites (approx $150M/gross rev). Working collaboratively with the in-house IT staff, a new fiber optic network was introduced, the entire back end server farm redesigned, intranet and extranet portals developed, and mobile apps (ios and android) were designed and launched, supporting customers, employees, vendors, and contractors.


Public Utility

A public utility in Southern California requested assistance with their overall Internet strategy, connectivity, email services, and integration with CalISO. The utility also required assistance with the installation, integration, management and support of the telemetry communications systems for two natural gas power plants, which were essential for certification and ongoing regulatory compliance.



A creative agency was interested in having a new workflow management system and toolset developed to tame the chaotic environment and pace of their business. I introduced new network systems and tools to support workflow system, and managed new systems 24/7, 365 days.



A client was experiencing productivity and security concerns with a manufacturing facility in mainland China. I designed and implemented a remote factory observation and workflow surveillance system to enable US-based principals to monitor and manage activities.


Power Plant

A power generation plant in Northern California was experiencing telemetry problems with the ISO. The legacy RIG installed during deregulation was no longer supported by the vendor, and options for replacement were limited. Facing significant fines or worse, the engineer on the original installation contacted me to identify and resolve the issue.


Gaming Company

The Content Manager for the corporate intranet of a major gaming and entertainment brand requested help with the planning and implementation of a user tracking system within their network for the purpose of analyzing employee use and revitalizing engagement.


Liquor Brand

A premium beverage brand was ready to introduce a new ambassador program for influencers and marketing partners. Working with their in-house VP for Marketing, a reimagined web presence, mobile app, and social media integration were developed to support the brand.